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com.zphinx.spine.core Core classes and interfaces which provide application specific functionality for the spine application framework. Abstraction classes and interfaces for data interchange used to access various data stores from the Spine application framework. Implementation of abstraction classes for data interchange used in the data layers of the Spine application. 

Uses of AbstractDataProxy in com.zphinx.spine.core

Methods in com.zphinx.spine.core that return AbstractDataProxy
protected  AbstractDataProxy AbstractBusinessDelegate.getDataProxy()
          Gets the AbstractDataProxy in use by this delegate

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Methods in that return AbstractDataProxy
protected static AbstractDataProxy DataProxyFactory.createProxy(int i)
          Creates a AbstractDataProxy subclass determined by the int parameter.
static AbstractDataProxy DataProxyFactory.getInstance(int i)
          The method which returns a handle to the relevant subclass
static AbstractDataProxy AbstractDataProxy.getInstance(int i)
          The method which returns a handle to the relevant subclass

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 class DataBaseProxy
          DataBaseProxy acts as a proxy object to DataAccessObjects driven by Databases.
 class EJBProxy
          EJBProxy serves as a proxy for DataAccessObjects which use EJBs for data access
Incomplete implementation!!
 class FileProxy
          FileProxy serves as a proxy for DataAccessObjects which require a file or a properties file for data persistence.
 class HibernateProxy
          HibernateProxy represents a proxy class which is used to call Hibernate DataAccess objects.
 class LdapProxy
          LdapProxy acts as a proxy for Ldap access.It will handle all calls for instantiating a suitable DataAccessObject and calling it's run method