Uses of Interface

Packages that use SpinePlugin
com.zphinx.spine.plugin Plugin classes and hinterfaces used to initialize and configure the framework by client developers. 
com.zphinx.spine.start.helpers Classes and helpers used to initialize and configure Spine application framework at startup. 

Uses of SpinePlugin in com.zphinx.spine.plugin

Classes in com.zphinx.spine.plugin that implement SpinePlugin
 class AbstractSpinePlugin
          AbstractSpinePlugin is a base plugin useful for creating other plugins, a client developer should extend this class when creating a new plugin
 class MessagePlugin
          MessagePlugin serves as a plugin used to configure messages for the SPine framework

Uses of SpinePlugin in com.zphinx.spine.start.helpers

Methods in com.zphinx.spine.start.helpers that return SpinePlugin
 SpinePlugin PluginServiceLocator.getPlugin(String key)
          Gets the SpinePlugin which was registered with this object by the specified key

Methods in com.zphinx.spine.start.helpers with parameters of type SpinePlugin
 void PluginServiceLocator.addPlugin(String key, SpinePlugin plugin)
          Adds a plugin to this service locator