Uses of Class

Packages that use PermissionLevel Provides classes which are used by the Spine Application Framework to provide security features for objects used or which depend on the Spine Application framework. 

Uses of PermissionLevel in

Methods in that return PermissionLevel
 PermissionLevel SpinePermission.getPermissionLevel()
          Gets the permissionLevel of this object

Methods in with parameters of type PermissionLevel
 void SpinePermission.setPermissionLevel(PermissionLevel permissionLevel)
          Sets the permissionLevel of this object,this method must not be called directly if we need to check the callers ability to modify permissionLevel
 void SpinePermission.setPermissionLevel(PermissionLevel permissionLevel, SpinePermission permission)
          Checks the user can modify the permissionLevel before modification

Constructors in with parameters of type PermissionLevel
SpinePermission(String name, PermissionLevel pLevel, List<StringAttributeBean> adminNames, List<StringAttributeBean> groupNames)
          A constructor which is used to preset the name,permissionLevel,admin names, and group names of this permission.