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com.zphinx.spine.members Classes and interfaces which provide identity management objects used by the Spine application framework. Provides classes which are used by the Spine Application Framework to provide security features for objects used or which depend on the Spine Application framework. 
com.zphinx.spine.vo.dto DataTransferObject classes and interfaces for data interchange between specific layers of the application framework. 

Uses of SpinePermission in com.zphinx.spine.members

Methods in com.zphinx.spine.members that return SpinePermission
 SpinePermission Group.getPermission()
          Implementation of getPermission in Member,returns the SpinePermission Object associated with this Object.
 SpinePermission User.getPermission()
          Implementation of getPermission in Member, returns the SpinePermission Object associated with this Object.Uses MemberPermissionFactory.getMemberPermission to create the appropriate SpinePermission
abstract  SpinePermission Member.getPermission()

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Subclasses of SpinePermission in
 class MemberPermission
          A MemberPermission object encapsulates the logic behind the permission system which dictates the properties of principals and roles registered within the spine framework.

Methods in with parameters of type SpinePermission
 boolean SpinePermission.getExecuteFlag(SpinePermission permission)
          Gets the executeFlag for this SpinePermission
 boolean SpinePermission.getReadFlag(SpinePermission permission)
          Gets the readFlag for this SpinePermission
 boolean SpinePermission.getWriteFlag(SpinePermission permission)
          Gets the writeFlag of this SpinePermission with respect to the principal making the call.
 void SpinePermission.setPermissionLevel(PermissionLevel permissionLevel, SpinePermission permission)
          Checks the user can modify the permissionLevel before modification

Constructors in with parameters of type SpinePermission
SpinePermission(String name, SpinePermission permission)
          A constructor which uses the properties of the input permission as it's default properties.

Uses of SpinePermission in com.zphinx.spine.vo.dto

Methods in com.zphinx.spine.vo.dto that return SpinePermission
 SpinePermission SpineBean.getPermission()
          Gets a clone of the SpinePermission for this object.The SpinePermission can be reset if necessary but a clone is always returned so that external operations does not affect the security state of this object.
 SpinePermission SpineBean.PermissionFactory.getPermission(String name, String actions, long id)

Methods in com.zphinx.spine.vo.dto with parameters of type SpinePermission
 void SpineBean.setPermission(SpinePermission permission)
          Set the permission object associated with this user