Uses of Interface

Packages that use DataTransferAssembler
com.zphinx.spine.core Core classes and interfaces which provide application specific functionality for the spine application framework. 
com.zphinx.spine.core.viewprocessors ViewProcessor classes which interface with the business layer and any suitable model view controller architechure in use by an application which uses this framework. 
com.zphinx.spine.vo Value objects and pojos used within this application framework 

Uses of DataTransferAssembler in com.zphinx.spine.core

Methods in com.zphinx.spine.core that return DataTransferAssembler
protected  DataTransferAssembler AbstractBusinessDelegate.getCommand()
          Gets the DataTransferAssembler which configured this AbstractBusinessDelegate

Methods in com.zphinx.spine.core with parameters of type DataTransferAssembler
 AbstractBusinessDelegate AbstractBusinessDelegate.init(DataTransferAssembler command)
          Initializes this AbstractBusinessDelegate and returns a copy to the user
 ResultObject AbstractBusinessDelegate.initAndRun(DataTransferAssembler command)
          Performs initialization and runs the AbstractBusinessDelegate methods
protected  void AbstractBusinessDelegate.initialize(DataTransferAssembler command)
          Initializes this AbstractBusinessDelegate,invokes the preconfigured proxy and prepares it for further processing.
protected  ResultObject AbstractBusinessDelegate.postProcessBusinessRules(ResultObject results1, DataTransferAssembler command1)
          Run all business rules associated with this delegate after processing in the data tier.
protected  boolean AbstractBusinessDelegate.preProcessBusinessRules(DataTransferAssembler command)
          Run all business rules associated with this delegate before processing in the backend

Uses of DataTransferAssembler in com.zphinx.spine.core.viewprocessors

Methods in com.zphinx.spine.core.viewprocessors with parameters of type DataTransferAssembler
protected  Object ViewProcessor.getDelegate(DataTransferAssembler command, boolean b)
          Gets the appropriate AbstractBusinessDelegate, initializes it and may call its run method if the boolean is set to true

Uses of DataTransferAssembler in com.zphinx.spine.vo

Classes in com.zphinx.spine.vo that implement DataTransferAssembler
 class CommandComponent
          CommandComponent is a DataTransferAssember for objects needed to initialize the BusinessDelegates used in the business layer.
 class ResultObject
          ResultObject acts as a DataTransferAssembler used to send the output of data transactions accross layers for onward processing