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Packages that use DataTransferObject
com.zphinx.spine.core.viewprocessors ViewProcessor classes which interface with the business layer and any suitable model view controller architechure in use by an application which uses this framework. Abstraction classes and interfaces for data interchange used to access various data stores from the Spine application framework. Implementation of abstraction classes for data interchange used in the data layers of the Spine application. 
com.zphinx.spine.members Classes and interfaces which provide identity management objects used by the Spine application framework. 
com.zphinx.spine.utils Utility classes and helpers needed by other classes and interfaces. 
com.zphinx.spine.vo.dto DataTransferObject classes and interfaces for data interchange between specific layers of the application framework. 

Uses of DataTransferObject in com.zphinx.spine.core.viewprocessors

Methods in com.zphinx.spine.core.viewprocessors with parameters of type DataTransferObject
protected  CommandComponent ViewProcessor.createAssembler(DataTransferObject dto, Object obj, DAOInput daoConstructor, int operation)
           Creates a DataTransferAssembler which will be used to ferry objects to and from the back end using the command design pattern.
 ResultObject ViewProcessor.processData(DataTransferObject dto, Object obj)
          Calls the used methods of this View processor and sends the DataTransferAssembler to the business layer
 ResultObject ViewProcessor.processData(DataTransferObject dto, Object obj, DAOInput daoConstructor, int operation)
          Calls the used methods of this View processor and sends the DataTransferAssembler to the business layer
 ResultObject MultiViewProcessor.processData(DataTransferObject dto, Object obj, DAOInput daoConstructor, int operation)
 ResultObject MultiViewProcessor.processData(DataTransferObject dto, Object obj, DAOInput daoConstructor, int operation, int pageIndex)
          Calls the methods of this ViewProcessor,creates and sends the DataTransferAssembler to the business layer

Uses of DataTransferObject in

Methods in with parameters of type DataTransferObject
 Object AbstractDataProxy.execute(DataAccessObject dao, DataTransferObject obj)
          Execute a process in the data storage object and return a suitable result object
abstract  Object DataAbstract.fetchData(DataTransferObject obj)
 Object DataAccessObject.fetchData(DataTransferObject obj)
          Open a connection to the data storage system and return a suitable object

Uses of DataTransferObject in

Methods in with parameters of type DataTransferObject
 Object AbstractHibernateDAO.fetchData(DataTransferObject obj)

Uses of DataTransferObject in com.zphinx.spine.members

Classes in com.zphinx.spine.members that implement DataTransferObject
 class AccountDetails
          AccountDetails represents the member's account details persisted within the system.
 class Administrator
          The adminstrator of a group or several groups within the spine framework.
 class Application
          Application represents an application module registered with spine.
 class Group
          The Object which represents a named group within the spine framework.
 class Identifier
          Identifier represents the identification values available to all members of this system.
 class Identity
          Identity represents the base identity details of a principal/role of the spine framework.
 class Member
          A member object is the super object which dictates the properties of Users,Administrators,Groups and Applications registered within the Spine framework.
 class User
          A User object represents a registered user within the spine framework.

Uses of DataTransferObject in com.zphinx.spine.utils

Classes in com.zphinx.spine.utils that implement DataTransferObject
 class ActiveGroups
          An ActiveGroups object encapsulates the logic behind the persistent group system which is used by the spine framework to capture the properties of Groups registered within the system.

Uses of DataTransferObject in com.zphinx.spine.vo.dto

Classes in com.zphinx.spine.vo.dto that implement DataTransferObject
 class DataTransportBean
          DataTransportBean extends Attribute to provide a String id for the java Attribute object
 class DTOWrapper
          DTOWrapper serves as a wrapper for java objects.
 class SpineBean
           SpineBean contains the base properties of all classes that can be managed by Spine.
 class StringAttributeBean
          StringAttributeBean defines a bean whose name and value can only be a String by associating its name with its value.
 class UserListBean
          A UserListBean provides additional properties for use by Member objects of the spine framework