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Packages that use SpineBean
com.zphinx.spine.core Core classes and interfaces which provide application specific functionality for the spine application framework. 
com.zphinx.spine.members Classes and interfaces which provide identity management objects used by the Spine application framework. 

Uses of SpineBean in com.zphinx.spine.core

Methods in com.zphinx.spine.core that return SpineBean
 SpineBean AbstractBuilder.createBean(String s)
          Creates a SpineBean from the given string
 SpineBean AbstractBuilder.createBeanFromIndex(int pageIndex)
          Creates a Spine bean using the stated index and the default values of the delegateName and processorNames

Methods in com.zphinx.spine.core with parameters of type SpineBean
 void AbstractBuilder.resetSpineBean(SpineBean sBean)
          Resets the SpineBean by reseting Modified date and the bean's description
protected  void AbstractBuilder.resetSpineBean(SpineBean sBean, Object wrapper)
          Resets the SpineBean by reseting Modified date and the bean's description
 Object AbstractBuilder.runMethod(SpineBean sBean, String runType, Object[] wrapper)
          Invokes the relevant method in this object.

Uses of SpineBean in com.zphinx.spine.members

Subclasses of SpineBean in com.zphinx.spine.members
 class AccountDetails
          AccountDetails represents the member's account details persisted within the system.
 class Administrator
          The adminstrator of a group or several groups within the spine framework.
 class Application
          Application represents an application module registered with spine.
 class Group
          The Object which represents a named group within the spine framework.
 class Identifier
          Identifier represents the identification values available to all members of this system.
 class Identity
          Identity represents the base identity details of a principal/role of the spine framework.
 class Member
          A member object is the super object which dictates the properties of Users,Administrators,Groups and Applications registered within the Spine framework.
 class User
          A User object represents a registered user within the spine framework.