Package com.zphinx.spine.vo

Value objects and pojos used within this application framework


Interface Summary
DAOInput DAOInput defines the signature of objects acceptable as arguments to the constructors of DAO's within spine.
DataTransferAssembler DataTransferAssembler contains the relevant methods needed by spine when defining a DataTransferAssembler.

Class Summary
AccountTypeBean AccountTypeBean stores AccountTypes by referencing both the previous and the present value of the AccountType held by a user of this system.
The types of the account are derived from MemberAccount.
CommandComponent CommandComponent is a DataTransferAssember for objects needed to initialize the BusinessDelegates used in the business layer.
DaoConstructor DaoConstructor represents a default object which is used to instantiate a Data Access Object.
Data Access Objects requiring arguments in their constructors should subclass this object and add properties suitable for the constructor instantiation.
DelegateBean DelegateBean contains all the properties needed by a View Processor/Business Delegate to instantiate itself from the spine configuration file.
LabelIntBean LabelIntBean is a bean used to associate a label/name with an int value
ManagedDaoBean ManagedDaoBean is an extension of the label int bean which adds the class name of the object and its position within a configuration defined by the term pageIndex
MultiDelegateBean MultiDelegateBean is used to encapsulate the data derived from a processor node which contains a dispatchdelegate node in the spine configuration xml file.
ProxyConfig ProxyConfig is the Object representation of the configured Proxy objects within the Spine framework.
ResultObject ResultObject acts as a DataTransferAssembler used to send the output of data transactions accross layers for onward processing

Package com.zphinx.spine.vo Description

Value objects and pojos used within this application framework