Spine Java Application Framework

Spine is an extensible java application framework for creating easily transposable Java/J2EE applications which can easily be ported from one view model to another.

Spine provides a means of using inversion of control(IOC)/dependency injection techniques to create a multi tiered application by using a generic model to instantiate java classes specified in configuration along a defined process flow.

This java api defines a process flow which is easy to adapt to your Java application's structure by specifying default objects for each abstract architectural layer in a Java software application.

Core Framework Features

Spine has numerous features targeted at easing the application development process. Some of these features are listed below and form the core benefits provided by the framework. The current release of Spine provides:

  • An extensible java application framework.
  • A pre defined multi tier architectural model.
  • Dependency injection features across the application model.
  • An extensible application model.
  • A transposable application model allowing client developers to swap any of the constituent parts of the application at minimal cost.
  • In built security model based on java.security api.
  • A predefined object/resource security model.
  • Predefined identity management objects.
  • Ease of configuration via XML configuration files.
  • Generic sequential processing across multiple data stores.
  • Creation of localized messages and errors using specified resource bundles.
  • Ease of integration with any model view controller architecture.
  • Integration with multiple types of data stores.

To learn more about Spine and how it delivers the features above, you should go to the overview pages, to download the framework, go to the downloads page. You should also visit the user guide page for information on how to install and/or integrate spine into your application structure.

A quick place to start is the Quick Start For Web Applications Page, you may also leave questions and browse for answers to questions at the user forum, while a frequently asked questions FAQ page is also available to provide answers to common problems.

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